Here are some questions to ask when asking for feedback on your website.

  1. what is your overall satisfaction with the web site?
  2. what is your overall satisfaction with the design and layout?
  3. were you able to complete tasks easily?
  4. were you able to find specific information?
  5. are navigation labels, page titles, headings, and other terms were easy to understand and accurate?
  6. are icons and other images were helpful and easy to understand?
  7. are downloadable items downloaded quickly and satisfactorily?
  8. are password-protected areas were easy to log into and use?
  9. did any errors occurred, and, if they did, whether appropriate and helpful error messages were encountered?
  10. was product information sufficient, or there was too little or too much information?
  11. were you able to complete an eCommerce transactions?
  12. would you would return to the web site?
  13. would recommend the web site to others?
  14. suggested improvements?

Checking the content for your website

  1. Check for incorrect punctuation marks, particularly apostrophes, quotation marks and hyphens/dashes
  2. Check for widow/orphan terms in important paragraphs
  3. Spelling and grammar
  4. Consistency
  5. Capitalization (especially of main headings)
  6. Is all the writing in the same tense/style
  7. Recurring/common phrases (e.g. ‘More about X’ links)
  8. Is there consistent use of variations in words (e.g. Websites vs. Web Sites, or UK vs. US spelling)
  9. Treatment of bulleted lists (e.g. periods or commas at end of each item)
  10. Ensure no test content on site
  11. Check how important pages (e.g. content items) print
  12. Check all ‘Hidden Copy’ (e.g. alt text, transcriptions, text in JavaScript functions)
  13. Pages are clearly identified and explained, with clear page titles and good descriptions.
  14. Landmark pages (ie first page in a main section) are sufficiently distinct.
  15. Labels are clear, meaningful, and appropriate to their target content.
  16. Labels are consistent in specificity, tone, and usage.
  17. Appropriate progress indicators (ie Breadcrumbs) on all pages
  18. Check that the company is E-Patches & Crests

This page contains information I gathered and thought were very useful. See more notes on the web.

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