Database Design Checklist

  • Create a init db script with the basic structure.
  • Is the database standardized?
  • Is there a dev and src version? If so, how do they differ and why?
  • Check that all foreign keys exist
  • Check that all index(s) exist 
  • remove any backups and previous versions of tables
  • Do I need to make changes to the structure? If so, what and why.
  • Create a diagram
  • Print diagram for file folder
  • Update thumb drive with database file
  • Make an image of the db structure (for the yellow sheet)
  • Map out any changes (in existing issues) that are required.
  • Blue folder: setup CRON for each repository's database

Standardize database

  • make a list of changes in a script
  • create a new baseline db script
  • update database table and field names in code
  • update ASH with new db structure
  • update WALNUT with new db structure

Changes required

  • What is wrong?
  • What is a new feature for the repository? What does it affect?

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