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I needed a better way to organized my starred repositories on GitHub. This page is my attempt to sort and categorize them into a proper list.


Here are some repositories that I consider essential to any project.

PHPMailer is the trusted way to send emails in PHP.

PHPUnit is a programmer-oriented testing framework for PHP

Code To Try

UserFrosting is a secure, modern user management system written in PHP and built on top of the Slim Microframework, Twig templating engine, and Eloquent ORM.

Color Thief scans an image for colours and generates a palette.

Media Embed is a utility library that generates HTML embed tags for audio or video located on a given URL. It also parses and validates given media URLs.

Lines of Code is a library for counting the lines of code in PHP source code.

You can use CaptainHook to validate or prepare your commit messages, ensure code quality or run unit tests before you commit or push changes to git. You can automatically clear local caches or install the latest composer dependencies after pulling the latest changes.

Spout is a PHP library to read and write spreadsheet files (CSV, XLSX and ODS), in a fast and scalable way.

PHP Prices is a simple Price object that allows you to work with complex composite monetary values which include exclusive, inclusive, VAT (and other potential taxes) and discount amounts.

PHP Whoops errors for cool kids.

PHP visitors tracking system - 99% accurate visitors tracking system.

Kint - debugging helper for PHP developers

Dump the contents of a database

Reimg - a Javascript library for converting images

Vivify - a CSS library for making animations

Repaintless - animations with less repainting of the screen

Super Tiny API - small SVG versions of common logos

API Related

Google APIs Client Library for PHP enables you to work with Google APIs such as Gmail, Drive or YouTube on your server.

TweetPHP uses Twitter API to pull tweets and display them in HTML.

Image Manipulation

Imagine is an image manipulation library for PHP.

SVG for everybody


SecLists is the security tester's companion. It's a collection of multiple types of lists used during security assessments, collected in one place. List types include usernames, passwords, URLs, sensitive data patterns, fuzzing payloads, web shells, and many more.

Nullboard a minimalist kanban board.

Introduction to Bash Scripting

Drag Move


Reference Material

Software Architecture Books is a comprehensive list of books on software architecture.

PHP Must Watch is a list of conference talks and other videos on PHP.

Awesome analytics

Developer Resources - a collection of resources for frontend development.

See also List of ten most starred repositories in GitHub.

How to write unmaintainable code

Reverse Engineering Reading List and this list of Reverse Engineering resources

Awesome Web Security is a list of web security resources

Big Book of Secret Knowledge

Awesome Public Datasets

GitHut is an attempt to visualize and explore the complexity of the universe of programming languages used across the repositories hosted on GitHub.

This page contains information I gathered and thought were very useful. See more notes on programming.

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