Crow versus Raven

The American Crow makes a nasal 'Caw!' sound. It is 17 - 21 inches long with round throat feathers and a square tail.

The common raven makes a hoarse 'Gronk!' sound. It is 24 - 27 inches long with pointed throat feathers and a wedge-shaped tail.

Crows live for a long time.

The lifespan of crows lasts around 20 years, with captive crows living longer than crows in the wild. The oldest crow documented in the wild almost reached the age of 30, while the oldest recorded captive crow lived up to the age of 59.

Crows could be the smartest animal other than primates

Ravens are very smart.

Study Finds Young Ravens are as Intelligent as Great Apes

List of Crow Sounds

Here is a good site I found on Corvid Research.

Check out the beautiful art featuring Crows and Other Sentient Beings by P. Jean Oliver.

Make Your Yard a Habitat for Wild Birds

Birds need our help. Their habitats are shrinking.

Learn what you can do to make your yard a home for more than just humans.

Get your Habitat Certified.

Learn more: 19 ways to make your backyard bird friendly.

Make a place for the birds to stay, here is a great article on making your own birdhouses.

I found this article to help me tell apart Purple Finches from House Finches.

Birds are way too smart!

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