I made a framework

I never set out to build a framework, not my goal at all. My goal was to make an easy tool to update your website.

Stuck on a server that was out of date. I was locked in a world without namespaces, amongst other deficiencies. These constraints forced me to think up creatively simple solutions. Due to web server restrictions, I could not use Composer and the world of possibilities for scaffolding on open source code, unable to even install the most popular framework.

After having had time to read through other frameworks, I see the differences between mine and theirs. In the process of perfecting this 'CMS,' I got my own server, created some web applications, and ran a successful consultancy business.

Stepping back from my code one day, I saw the framework emerge. The structure jumping off the page in front of me.

Unravelling my creation, giving it structure and imposing some order (through standardization), I was able to shape this abstract thing into a workable framework of code that can run every web application I have needed or wanted to create.

This page contains information I gathered and thought were very useful. See more notes on programming.

Just to let you know, this page was last updated Sunday, Jun 23 24