General Information

  • Name:
  • Company:
  • Position Title:
  • Current WWW URL (if any):
  • Company Details
  • Current situation:
  • Industry:
  • Market:
  • Demographics of market:
  • Influences on buying from company:
    • How do you envisage the site achieving these objectives?
    • How many visitors do you hope to get to your site?
    • How big will your site be?
    • Proposed flow chart?
    • Do you have a site layout in mind?
    • Will your website offer interactive features to visitors?
    • Can visitors send email, order a product, or request information?
    • Do you envisage the visitor searching on the site?
    • How would they search the site?
    • How can the site give you feedback?
    • Have you decided what the main categories or sections will be on your site?
    • Will the categories link to products and services or to more general subject areas with sub-categories?
    • Have you identified what subjects within the site might link to other subjects?
    • Do you plan to have a guest book, shopping cart, order forms, or a calendar of events?
    • Will the site have contact forms?
    • Will the site have auto-responders?
    • Who are your competitors online?
    • Of those, which competitor sites do you like and why?
    • What competitor sites do you dislike and why?
    • How do you think your site beat the competition?
      • Who are your current customers?
      • Why do your current customers buy from you?

Site Objectives

  • Establish a web presence, increase marketing and product branding
  • Increase sales
  • Generate business leads
  • Increase international presence of the organization
  • Generate requests for information
  • Support existing advertising, promotional efforts
  • Offer customer service
  • Build store of business traffic
  • Provide latest information regarding new product/services, sales, special promotions and events
  • Build a database for emailing
  • Position the company as technologically advanced
  • Provide directions to consumers
  • Survey customers/prospects
  • Recruit new employees/post job opportunities
  • How does the proposed site tie in to company goals?
  • Will you sell a product or service online?
  • Will you provide a sample portfolio of products or work online?
  • If yes, how?
  • Other:

Situational analysis of existing web site

  • Domain name registered?
  • Current site:
  • Host of current site:  
  • Current ISP:
  • Objectives of current site:
  • Current site achievements (detail statistics, etc):
  • What are the features of the current site that you would like to keep?
  • What features of the current site don't you like?
  • How many people visit the site?
  • When do they visit the site?
  • How long do they visit for?
  • Which products or pages are most popular?
  • What feedback have you had about the site?
  • Current site was developed by?

Main Competition

  • What do they do better than you?
  • What do you do better than your competition?
  • How does the company currently market itself?
  • Does the company have a marketing division?
  • How is business generated?
Number of employees:
Years in business:

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