Ways to Be a Nicer Person

  1. Try to make everyone you meant laugh at least once. You won't believe how being less serious can improve your interpersonal relationships, even when those people generally frustrate you.
  2. Put your shopping cart back.
  3. Leave the last dognut or slice of pizza for someone else.
  4. Be especially nice to people having a horrible day, and to horrible people.
  5. Buy a rubber stamp with a nice saying on it and stamp the back of the envelopes you send out.
  6. Let a car or two into your lane on the freeway.
  7. Learn the names of people you interact with regularly at the gas station, coffee shop, hair dressers, etc.
  8. Refrain from mowing the lawn on Saturday mornings.
  9. For no reason show up at a friends house with a pie. (Not saying you can't hit them in the face with it though)
  10. Pull your weeds, and others up.
  11. Make an anonymous donation to a cause you support.
  12. Refrain from using your not-so-nice favourite word this week.
  13. Give up your seat for another.
  14. Be nice to your family, co-workers, friends.
  15. Offer to pick some things up for a neighbour when going out.
  16. Smile for no reason, creep people out.
  17. Sign your personal letters with Have a nice week or something along those lines.
  18. Don't honk unless you are preventing an accident.
  19. Compliment someone.
  20. Ask a child or teen their thoughts.
  21. Cut a handful of flowers for someone.
  22. Make an extra sandwich for a homeless person, (put baloney on it)
  23. Let someone go ahead of you in line (especially when getting shots)
  24. Send a friendly card to someone you had a fight with (freak them out)
  26. Add bumper stickers to your car.
  27. Get to know more names of people.
  28. Don't yell at the people phoning your house. (Unless it's 12 in the morning)
  29. Put a good rating on the how was our service cards.
  30. Send report cards back with thank you notes (write them yourself)

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