Good Blogs To Read

Planning for Aliens - Learn stuff about making websites

Web Design Blog

Alex Poole | User Experience Consultant

Christian Heilmann

Janko at Warp Speed

Amy Latta Creations - lots of handwriting tutorials

Party Perfect - Party Perfect is an inspirational blog dedicated to parties, entertaining, and all things fun!

Ace Subido

The Oatmeal - Comics and Games from Matthew Inman

Fudge Graphics

Zen Habits - Zen Habits has twice been named one of the Top 25 blogs by Time Magazine.

eHouse Studio Blog

Tom Kenny Design - learn some better design skills.

All that Malarkey - Stuff & Nonsense Make sure to check out things like the Contract Killer bundle

Art & Letters Daily

McSweeney's Internet Tendency

 Cool Things People Do With Their Blogs 

What Are the Five Signs of a Good Blog?

To answer this question, I turn to Seth Godin - blogs only work when they meet four of the following five conditions:

  1. Candour

  2. Urgency

  3. Timeliness

  4. Pithiness

  5. Controversy

Content Trumps Design.

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