7 essentialls of graphic design

Bibliographic Information

7 Essentials Of Graphic Design
by Allison Goodman, ISBN 9781581801248 / 1581801246
2001, F&W Media, Incorporated

Good ideas

Good design:


Create a hypothetical story about imaginary ideal customers.

    -Customers profile & motivation

    -desired outcome

    -project scope information

4 types of typography

    -old style





Tyoeface personality

=client personality

Mix obviously different fonts not vaguely similiar

limit number of variables (type, weight, or typeface)

->use one at a time

Old style typefaces mix well with subcatergory of modern san-serifs known as Grotesque typefaces

(ex.Franklin Gothic, Gill Sans, Optimal)

Design hierarchy order in which the viewer receves and make sense in which the viewer, recieves and make sense of the info.

Contrast these order

Contrast three value (relative light & dark)

Layout should provide a specific direction for user

->what info is most important & order

of contrasts that can be acted out graphically






The design you like and analyze its guild are paper ruler.