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  • "Low-volume newsletter" – Users often are scared of having their email boxes flooded with spam-like newsletters, dissuading them from signing up. Reassure them that your newsletters come in a reasonable amount.
  • Anti-spam reminder – Related to the above tip, adding a small, empathetic phrase like, "We hate spam as much as you do," during email signup reassures your user that you won't bombard them with unnecessary emails.
  • "Unsubscribe at any time" Put your users' fears at ease by explaining your cancellation policy before they sign up.
  • Free trials – If you offer a free trial, make it known. Your free trial will better do its duty of creating conversions if it's well-advertised, plus paying customers might resent you later if they bought the product without knowing there was a free trial.


You may have noticed that the first letter of each flavour of context – device, environment, time, activity, individual, location, social – spell a memorable acronym: DETAILS. Use this shorthand to help guide your research and to ask the right questions of your team. Your answers will of course be unique to your project, but general principles can still be instructive. 

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