A collection of books on plants and gardening I found that I would like to read.

  • A Walk in the Garden
  • Enter the Wounded Land
  • Decorating your first apartment - Paige Gilchrist
  • Nature Style - Marthe le Van
  • Garden Lover's Guide to Canada - Larry Hodgson
  • Garden Home: City - Bonnie Trust Dahan
  • Peaceful Species - Alice Whately
  • Fresh and Healthy - Sally James
  • Ultimate Healthy Eating Plan - Liz Pearson & Marylyn Smith
  • Basic Gardening - Sybille Engels and Veronika Goldstruck
  • The Gardener's Color Guide - Turid Porsyth
  • The Does Makes the Poison - M. Alice Ottoboni
  • The Origins of the Organic Agriculture Debate - Dr Thoma DeGregori
  • Saving the Planet with Pesticides and Plastics - Dennis Avery
  • The Truth About Organic Gardning - Jeff Gillman

These are notes I made while reading gardening books. See more gardening book notes