Cooking Ideas

Broccoli: in a wok, heat up sesame oil, soya sauce, sweet chilli sauce and 6/7 large cloves of minced garlic and cook the broccoli in the mixture for 7-8 minutes. Or steam with olive oil and sea salt.

Brussel spouts: sauce in a little olive oil over medium heat for 3 min, then pop them into an oven that’s been preheated to 400F. Roast them for 15-20 min or until they are bright green. Season with salt and pepper and hot sauce.

Carrots: red and purple varieties are the oldest. Atomic Red carrots - try them.

Cauliflower: chop into 2 inch pieces and toss with a mixture of olive oil, garlic, curry powder and salt. Then roast on a baking sheet at 425F for 15 min or until light golden brown.

Cucumber: Hmong Red cucumber - bright orange and keeps for more than a month.

Kale and Collard Greens - lower temperatures make the leaves taste sweeter and more tender. Even withstand frost. Cut leaves into bite sized pieces with garlic salt and olive oil, a splash of lemon, or balsamic vinegar.

Leeks: plant in summer, pick in fall for nicer, sweeter flavour

Mustard (brassica species) India mustard has a turnipy-garlicy horseradish-peppery tasting leaves. Likes cool weather and tolerates frost.

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