• Chainsaw blade for the angle grinder
  • darts (cheap set for my garage)
  • drill block for drilling angled holes
  • centering jig
  • throwing axe
  • wood carving tools
  • Fiskars hammers
    • Framing style
    • mini sledgehammer 
  • fiskers soft cut pruning shears (small tip)
  • milwaukee cordless m18 tools
    • multitool (vibrating saw)
    • leaf blower
  • Cantire
    • 90 degree vies grips
  • Anki Overdrive -I have the starter kit
    • Cars or Super trucks
    • Speed kit(track up grade)
    • jump kit
    • track extensions
Gravity/ grappling hook
Gravity/ grappling hook
Chainsaw mill. Super Cool!
Chainsaw mill. Super Cool!
Centering jig
Centering jig
Fiskers saw
Fiskers saw
  • Lego Sets: Big Ben, any Lego Architect series sets (Bej Khalifa, New York, etc) that came out in 2016
  • grappling hook
  • drone battery
  • uv glues (plastic glue kit at Canadian Tire)
  • running boards
  • water pump from Princess Auto (the 2" version)
  • DeWalt Laser Chalk Line (see photo) seen at Capilano Canadian Tire - it goes in 6 different directions


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