I Love Reading

I love books. Here are the books I read in:


I own a lot of books. For the curious, I am cataloguing them on Good Reads - so far I have catalogued almost 625 books. Goodreads is a great service and I really like their api integration. Plus the iOS app is great - I can scan the barcodes of my books and easily add them to my collections.

One of the reasons I have so many books is for my kids. I love surprising my kids with new finds I have plucked from my shelves. Over the years I have searched out and acquired many of my favourite books I read as a child. Of course, we have a great selection of lego books. My favourites are by Sean Kenney.

My favorite place to find books is Goodwill and other second hand stores. I visited the Goodwill annual book sale many times finding treasures such as Allen and Greenough's New Latin Grammar from 1903. I have visited the strand in New Your and bought so many books I could barely close my suitcases.

In addition to kids books, I have a nice collection of books on 17th century England. My favorite books are those that discuss nature. I really enjoy the work by Michael Pollan. I recently discovered books by Diana Beresford-Kroeger; her ideas for bioplanning and creating ecologically valuable gardens are fascinating and worth reading.